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the story of Pandaria Emperor Shaohao by breathing2004 the story of Pandaria Emperor Shaohao by breathing2004
the story of Pandaria Emperor Shaohao
here is the story:

The One-Way Journey

The time was ten thousand years ago, maybe more. Back then, the Well of Eternity was still there, and Kalimdor was still the Land of Eternal Starlight. The dynasty of Pandaren of Pandaria had lasted for years and generations that no one could tell.

The empire of Pandaren was built upon their overthrowing of the slavery of the Mogu. But still, it took a lot of efforts to remain peaceful with all the other strong and even aggressive races, which was a hard burden for the emperors of Pandaren.

Pandaren had great faith in Shao Hao, the crown prince, that he would be a leader of great deeds. The crown prince took training at Tian Monastery, which endowed him of the top-notch skills of a monk. Domestically he was benevolent to his people. Diplomatically he allied with other races - Jinyu, Hozen, Grummle and Yaungol - so they could make peace with each other, excluding the Mantid and the Mogu. He also shared a profound bond with the Monkey King, the leader of Hozen.

After crowning, he was referred as Emperor Shao Hao.

According to the old tradition, every new emperor needed to visit the Jinyu elder at Jade Forest who possessed the mystic power of fortune-telling by listening to the words of water. However, what was told to Shao Hao was cruelty and terror beyond his imagination.

Night elves would summon the Burning Legion, who would devour everything of Kalimdor, including Pandaria.

From that moment, the newly crowned Emperor Shao Hao realized his destiny. The throne was no longer an easy task for him. He had to search through his whole life with difficulties to fulfill it. All the glories and fortune of an emperor meant nothing to him. He had to set out immediately on the journey of the salvation of Pandaria.

This journey would be of all pains and no happiness. Should he fail, it would be the end of all.

Monkey King and the Sha

Many roads did Emperor Shao Hao took, many people did he counsel with. In this tedious and fruitless journey which seemed endless, he came to realize that the wisdom of the Celestials was essential to the puzzles. By himself he climbed up Mount Neverest, the highest summit of Azeroth in order to seek the counsel of Yu’lon, the Jade Serpent. Yu’lon did not seem to disappoint him. Shao Hao seemed to find a way to save everything – he was required to free all the burdens upon his shoulders, cleanse his body and soul, so he could be the one with the land.

But the wisdom of the Jade Serpent confused Emperor Shao Hao. What were the burdens that he needed to let go? How could he purify himself? And which was the way to be the one with the land? All these questions puzzled Shao Hao. No zen could help him to discover the secrets within.

Maybe it finally came down to his incapability? How did such an incompetent emperor deserve his jade throne? The frustrations and hopelessness depressed him. All the negative emotions became heavy burdens crawling on his shoulders. He felt like he was about to succumb.

Witnessing his bosom friend in great doubt, the Monkey King tried his best to help. He came to Jade Forest to whittle a strange magic visage out of bamboo in order to please Emperor Shao Hao. But the unexpected happened. The doubt of Shao Hao was absorbed into the mask, his doubt no longer linger. Yet another unexpected thing happened. After they buried the magic visage that had absorbed the doubt of Emperor Shao Hao deep into the earth, a monster that brought forth doubt showed up.

It was called Sha.

Just walking out of shadow, Emperor Shao Hao was confronted with the monster that the Monkey King created unintentionally. What was worse, they soon discovered that Sha could not be eliminated but controlled and sealed. Even for a strong warrior like Shao Hao and with the help of the Monkey King, it took seven hours to eventually have Sha controlled. Sha was sealed within the Jade Forest for real this time.

The idea finally struck Emperor Shao Hao. It came to him that what Yu’lon required him to do was to eliminate the negative emotions such as doubt, so he could one day gain the ability to save Pandaria.

The Seven Burdens

On realizing that, he immediately went to visit the Red Crane, and by the power of the mask that the Monkey King carved for him, he expelled his despair. The Sha of Despair held the dark power of devouring all the hopes. Shao Hao, the Monkey King and the Red Crane fought the Sha of Despair in the pouring rain for four days and five nights. Eventually they sealed it under the land of Krasarang Wilds.

With no hesitation, Emperor Shao Hao and his companions headed to Temple of the Black Ox on the Mantid Steppes beyond the Great Wall. This time they faced the Sha of Fear, who possessed even greater power. The Black Ox joined the three to fight. It took eight days for them to seal the Sha of Fear under Mantid Steppes.

After these battles Emperor fully understood the desperately evil power of Sha, and the countermeasure came to his mind. He gathered the best of all the best Pandaren warriors in Pandaria, and established Shado-Pan. Together, they reached temple of the White Tiger, the last station of the journey. With the help of the White Tiger, Emperor Shao Hao demonstrated the skills to yield and seal Sha, and successfully sealed his Violence, Anger and Hatred under this land.

Thus Emperor Shao Hao finally sealed all his negative emotions. The Pandaren of Shado-Pan had to become the undercover protectors of Pandaria, working on the controlling and sealing of Sha.

After he let go all the seven burdens, Emperor Shao Hao managed to purify all his body and soul. But time was ticking; the War of Ancient was drawing to a close. The foretold day approached. Yet a problem appeared. Should he save Pandaria, Mantid, the archenemy of Pandaren would be saved together. Pandaren and the Mantid warred now and then. Their hatred had lasted for millennia. The decision that Shao Hao was about to make suddenly became heavier.

So the Monkey King spoke.

He counseled with one fact. Every hundred years the Mantid would attack the Great Wall of Pandaren, this cycle was a part of Pandaria. There would be no fish if the water is too clear. Even the conflicts between the two races could not be mitigated; they certainly could not be separated. Pandaren could not be saved without the salvation of the Mantid. The Mantid defined Pandaren as Pandaren defined them. So Emperor Shao Hao understood the deeper meaning of the Jade Serpent.

He knew what he had to do, and the call was made.

The Mists of Pandaria

The Great Sundering began. The first irreversible destruction of Azeroth befell. In the eyes of all his beloved people, Emperor Shao Hao raised his staff, initiating the ritual.

The people of Pandaria looked at their beloved Emperor with full gratitude. While he was chanting, the whole of Pandaria separated from the main land of Kalimdor. It drifted off further to the sea. Silent and solitary.

Quietly, something began to condense in the air. It was the mists! The ocean around Pandaria swelled and shaped into a ring of impenetrable mists, shrouding Pandaria within. From then on, Pandaria was hidden in the Mists; the rest of the world could not bother it any more.

And an incident happened.

When all Pandaren were cheering, celebrating, and their eyes on the emperor, Emperor Shao Hao suddenly struck the ground with a clack.

The emperor who spent his whole life on saving his people fell.

Slowly, the body of the emperor seemed to dissipate. He became a mist, together with all the mists around Pandaria, the land that carried the people he loved.

This is the story of the last emperor of Pandaria. His legend ended there, ten thousand years ago.

He no longer exists by now, yet he is everywhere. He is a part of Pandaria. He is Pandaria. He keeps watching and protecting the people and the land that he always loves.
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pwgaming Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  New member
I am a big fan of Mists of Pandaria art style (and obviously of the Pandarens :) ), so I started looking for fanart that connects with this part of WoW universe. And I stumbled upon this beautiful piece, that could easily adorn a Pandaren temple. Pure beauty.
Kraeza Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Amazing !
Xatou Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
yet another amazing piece of art.
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Will  this be available for PRINT?
LaoSati Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
Wonderful work!
syani123 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013
The story of Emperor Shao Hao is probably my favorite along with Liu Lang and Shen Shin Su story <3
Archon89 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
That's so cool! I've watched the "Burdens of Shaohao" shorts from Blizzard, they're amazing, like this work! Amazingly done!! :D
Andr3w137 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013  Hobbyist
Awesome. Also just watched The Burdens of Shaohao and it was epic. Had great art style too.
BioVenomImagery Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
This would make an amazing cross stitch project <3
jjklee Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013
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awesome story!
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cxcow Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
It is a quest in the game where your character has to put together the pieces of the mural to learn the story..
playinggrounded Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013
Magic on the eyes.
Tarreth Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
For the Emperor!
dreamwalker13 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Your artwork blows me away
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Magnificent pic and story!
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Northery Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
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blizz should def hire u
sharlin Featured By Owner May 18, 2012
Simply stunning as is all your amazing, amazing art!
CapitanaRecondita Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Professional
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nemesyis Featured By Owner May 16, 2012
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TedWu Featured By Owner May 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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Arkiel-Pixie Featured By Owner May 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
.... no fair, my understanding of chinese isn't that good!
KassidiKeys Featured By Owner May 15, 2012   Digital Artist
These pieces of yours are really wonderful. We've all seen so many different WoW fanarts, that after a while it's rare to come across something so very very unique- but you have really managed it.
RUshN Featured By Owner May 15, 2012
The best warcraft art ever!

however not with a warcraft style....
lunitarii Featured By Owner May 15, 2012
Nortstar Featured By Owner May 15, 2012
wiw that look amaznig ^^
anzareveange Featured By Owner May 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awseome tale! and very nice picture!!!
thewarlock66 Featured By Owner May 15, 2012
wow man this is some great work
D-A-Alton Featured By Owner May 15, 2012
translation done by google, so it migth have error here and there

Journey that can not be back

That is a million years ago, even more than a thousand years long. When the Well of Eternity Well of Eternity, Kalimdor or Wing sparkle starlight land, Panda Leah on Panda Dynasty already stretching I do not know how many years, how many generations.

Panda Empire established after the overthrow magic ancient family of slavery, to be spared a lot of powerful and warlike race of Panda Leah, the Panda emperor body burden can be very heavy.

Panda people have no doubt that when towards the Prince Shao Hao is definitely a worthy future leaders of the great responsibility. Prince had practice in the days Monastery, but great talent of the monks; internal Aimin, such as the child, the external vertical and horizontal, and his clever diplomacy to ensure that the panda and Kam fish, monkey tribe, the ancient Mo Yang ancient and other nationalities live in harmony - except that the mantis and the magic of ancient, even deep feelings for a friend and leader of the Monkey family Monkey King.

Prince ascended the throne, known as Shao Haodi.

Panda Dynasty ancient tradition, the new emperor ascended the throne must go to the the alexandrite forest to visit the elders of Kam fish. Kam fish Elders has the mysterious ability to predict the future through the water, heard the prophecy of Shao Hao unexpectedly cruel and terrible.

Night Elves will be attracted to the Burning Legion, the latter the iron heel of the Kalimdor, including the Panda Leah completely destroyed.

Just ascended the throne of Shaohao Di will understand that from this moment, for him, no comfortable Jade, his life will have gone through ups and downs, all the splendor of the emperor and he missed; he must start at once, start things off Panda Leah the future survival of the rescue brigade.

The only bitter journey, no music; and can only succeed, not fail.

· Monkey King and "evil."

The petition for the people of Shaohao Di line many roads, and asked many people, tired and no income, long journey, he finally thought of borrowing the mighty revere wisdom. He personally climbed the cold the Azeroth highest peak Neverest, to seek the recommendation of Yu Jiao Yu Jiao did not let him down here Shao Hao finally find that seemingly can save all: You must liberate him the burden of cuts, clear your mind and body to earth harmonic Panda Leah with one.

Yu Jiao statement mysterious answer but let the Shao Haodi fall into a deep confusion - what to lay down the burden is? Beneath pure body and mind? How can Heaven? And one can not explain the problem to unintentional politics all day long wrestling, still can not fathom the mystery in the words of Yu Jiao.

Maybe your own lack of capacity, right? Then can not afford to save the emperor of the people, but also with sitting above the Jade? Frustration and powerlessness makes him frustrating to the extreme, the burden of a variety of negative emotions, tired is the weight he was almost breathless, he feels that you are going to hold out.

See friends into great confusion in one person, the Monkey King to make every effort to want to help Shaohao Di. He came to the jade forest, try to cut bamboo to play, and bamboo to make a strange magic mask, would like to use it to tease Shaohao Di happy. Unexpectedly, this method was quite successful, the Shao Haodi the "doubts" the mask of absorption, he no longer doubts. However, the same did not expect, when they absorb Shaohao Di "doubts" the magic mask buried deep into the underground, but it appears the monster would create doubts.

They call it "evil".

Just out of the shadows of Shaohao Di is not enough time to relax, it is necessary to the Monkey King inadvertently create a monster battle. To make matters worse, they soon discovered that the evil can not be eliminated, and the only way is only to control and seal. Even martial arts join forces Shaohao Di Monkey King World War II, also spent most of the day was finally doubt the evil uniforms, this time, evil is actually sealed in jade forest.

Then Shao Haodi such as sobering, he finally understood, Yu Jiao precisely to his own mind similar doubts such negative emotions elimination of 11, can finally get the ability to save Panda Leah.

· Seven burden of

Understand this, Shao Haodi immediately set off to visit Zhu He, and also by the Monkey King mask carving for his "despair" expelled. Despair evil forces of darkness, devouring hope Shaohao Di Monkey King, and Zhu He, three in the squally showers and despair of the evil battle four days and five nights long before finally seal in slightly Caesar Long wild.

Next Shao Haodi a line and immediately rushed to the the Broom ridge outside the the mantis wilderness of mysterious cattle Temple, the opponent is the fear of evil, the fear of the evil forces more powerful, in addition to the seal despair of the evil trio, this time even the mysterious cattle also helps. Even so, four or war fear evil for a full eight days, only to be sealed in the wilderness of the mantis.

Thus Shaohao Di fully aware of the "evil" desperate powerful evil force, but also immediately consider countermeasures. He summoned the best in the whole Panda Leah Panda Warrior anyway to send their group, and came to the White Tiger Temple, the last stop. The help of the white tiger, Shao Haodi Kunlai peak to personally demonstrate to surrender and get rid of the evil skills to successfully own the rest of the "violent", "anger" and "hate" are sealed in place.

One Shaohao Di's all negative emotions are all seal anyway to send panda for generations no choice but to become a Panda Leah the secret behind the guardian of full-time seals and surveillance of evil.

Removed all seven of the burden of Shaohao Di's body and mind has been completely cuts, clear, and these work for a long time between the passage of time has been spent, Azeroth has been circulation to the end of the War of the Ancients, from the days of prophecy has getting closer. Shao Haodi switched discovered a problem: according to him to save the Panda Leah, not even enemies mantis will also be dipping rescued? You know, Panda and Mantis perpetual war, the depth of hatred, it is difficult to make Shaohao Di easily make such a decision.

At this time, the Monkey King spoke.

Monkey King to persuade the sidelines, to remind Shao Haodi a fact that: every once in a century mantis will attack panda Beaulieu ridge, this cycle has become an integral Panda Leah. No clean water to fish, Panda and mantis relationship is difficult to ease, but also can not be divided. Do not save them, will not be able to save the pandas themselves. Figured out that the occasion, Shao Haodi thoroughly understand the true meaning in the words of Yu Jiao.

He already knew how to do, he has decided.

Panda Leah fog

At this point, "earth shattering" has begun to Azeroth, the world is facing a collapse in the first irreversible. Shaohao Di in front of all the people, calmly lifted his Buddhist monk's staff, began to cast the ceremony.

People have gratefully watched their beloved emperor: With Shao Haodi cast, the entire Panda Leah actually life and struggled to free himself from the Kalimdor main continental plates, such as a giant Noah's Ark, and drifted into quiet solitude depths of the sea.

Quietly what in the air condenses ... fog, mist! The surrounding ocean rises a ring of thick fog, carefully wrapped up the entire continent of Panda Leah, Panda Leah will never be hidden no longer suffer from the harassment of the outside. .

To see their homes was saved, all Panda'll be tempted his excitement, they can not wait to up and cheer to celebrate the entire Panda Leah began to rave, each panda in the excited, happy laugh, celebrate robbery the rest of his life.

Never thought at this moment, a terrible incident.

While the Panda is celebrating the country, under the watchful eyes, of Shao Haodi "dong" sound fell down.

The exhaustive effort to run the emperor of a lifetime in order to save their own people, so down, never up.

Gradually, the whole body of the emperor is like to be decomposed in general, yes, he of the fog, hovering not become part of his beloved people at the foot of the continent.

This is the Pandaren Empire, the last emperor of the story, his legend in this curtain call, as early as 10,000 years ago.

Today, he has ceased to exist, but everywhere he integrated into the Panda Elijah his Panda Elijah, forever the guardian of his most beloved people and the earth.


1, the mount Neverest egg of the world's highest peak - Mount Everest Mount Everest.

2, Shao Haodi original Shao, Hao, from the material point of view and indeed may be drawn from the Five Emperors within Shaohao Emperor, "" "small", "young" means, are also considered to meet the identity of the last emperor. But on this problem of translation and Dort I also have been explored, he believes that the direct use of the history of Chinese mythology characters name is wrong, so the final "less" to "introduce".

3, Yu Jiao, Zhu He, the mysterious cattle, White Tiger is obviously altered the traditional Chinese Quartet animal. In the game, the gods of the four initially be mistaken for translated as "August god, in fact, the August in here is not the month, but" awesome, majestic, "meaning, so the last Taiwan version will be Its translated into "mighty Tianzun".

4, "Beaulieu ridge" in the text, said before the "Great Wall" to avoid influential in the game formerly known as the Taiwan version so use this name.

5, the so-called "the last emperor of trading, Shao Haodi means to get rid of their own negative emotions and have given their lives in exchange for the Panda Leah's safe
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