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first I am not a fulltime artist,painting is just my favorite.
so I will not put all my sparetime in painting.
but I think to paint some commission is interesting thing in my life,and before this I have did several commissions in 2 years.
i have did 2-3 card game's card arts and some story background.
and every pic I finished in 2-3weeks,it seems not too quick.
also some Co. bought my personal works for their games too.
if you need some commissions and you can tell me.

below is some thing I did for commissions:
Lord Christoff Dargeroth by breathing2004Rhapsode male by breathing2004pathfinder1 by breathing2004Pegasus by breathing2004
trickster boy by breathing2004archmage male by breathing2004kensei male by breathing2004kensei female by breathing2004
pathfinder1 by breathing2004mother by breathing2004Teran and Mither o' Sea by breathing2004
and more have not permitted to show here~~

for price I normally  take $150~250 for each one.
octobrianacz Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
You are very talented
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